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  • Dictation
  • Spelling Puzzle
  • Conversations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this free?

The app is completely free because we feel it’s our responsibility and we understand that money is hard for you and all of us these days. However, we do have some features that are not included in the free version which help you learn faster.

How do I update the application features?

You can update new features from Google Play and App Store when they are available.

How do I connect with support?

You can select Support from the menu of the app, type your issue and send. Then our Support team will get back to you.

How do I trust the process?

Our app has been designed incorporating a special algorithm to repeat lessons that need to be remembered at the needed time. So, you can study leisurely without worrying about those.

Everyone deserves to learn and practice and we are here to help