All our content – Vocabulary, Grammar, Day-to-day Conversations, Dictation and Quick English  have been built up in our own way under some policies as follows:

Policy for Spelling – In Sri Lanka, there is a small but significant percentage of the population studying in the English medium. Since there are varieties of English, we have used British English as the standard spelling.    

Policy for Pronunciation – The policy for pronunciation is based on British English as well as American English along with how we commonly use it in Sri Lanka in our way. The pronunciation of the words is indicated by Sinhala – and IPA symbols along with it where necessary – which will be a great help to the learners of English.

Policy for Sinhalese Translations – In translations, we have not included the exact Sinhalese translation of the content. Instead, we present the idea of the content as we usually use it in day-to-day life. 

Policy for Grammar – As non-native English speakers, English grammar can be confusing to Sri Lankans. The accuracy of English grammar is highly concerned with while making our content.  We provide our content according to accurate grammatical rules and is approved by the advisory board.   

Policy for Video Examples – We have included many video materials for language practice. The materials include TV shows, movie clips, YouTube videos, documentaries, songs and international news. We are concerned about the correct and clear pronunciation in the videos.  All the vocabulary and grammar lessons are provided with video examples and users can easily understand the idea by watching them. The purpose of including video examples is to help users to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Since we are getting videos from different sites they may contain a few grammatical errors and the spellings in the subtitles may not be in British English. Our purpose is to highlight the words or phrases in the video. But the grammar rules are followed to the point in our other contents such as the vocabulary part and grammar lessons.

Policy for new content –  We maintain a policy to upload 4 Grammar lessons, 4 Day-to-day Conversations, 2 Quick English lessons from each category, and 10 new words and 10 new Dictation words from the Vocabulary feature per week. 

Use it Our Way Policy – English has been introduced to Sri Lanka by the British. Some words and phrases may be modified with several Sinhalese terms because our main purpose is to make the English language more familiar to Sri Lankans. For instance, we have used ‘Amma’ and ‘Appachchi’ instead of ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. Hesitation markers are used in some sentences to make them more practical and colloquial. For example, we have used Sri Lankan terms such as ‘ayyo!’ and ‘ammo!’ instead of Western terms like ‘oh!’ and ‘ouch!’. Some question tags may be replaced with terms like ‘you know?’, ‘neh?’, etc. 

Everyone deserves to learn and practice and we are here to help